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Impactful video to connect with your audience.

60 Second Story

Sharing a bit of your story with the World inspires others to get to know you a little more and learn what you’re all about.  Our approach to storytelling is quick and painless and shows you at your best!  No longer than a minute, our 60 Second Stories are worth every red cent.

Starting from $600

Brand Story

These are an upgrade to our 60 second stories requiring more filming and editing time. If you feel you that your brand requires that extra production consideration this will go the distance for you. See why our Brand Videos are so powerful at storytelling.

Starting from $1200


Our Newsfeed Studio is always ready for you.  These videos are taking over the internet and it’s all possible right here at Positive Media. Regardless of what your message is, all you need is a script and a smile!

Starting from $75

Video Content

Positive Media is known for creating cost effective video content for a variety of markets.  Our video content helps  to introduce new brands into the marketplace and make them connect with consumers in an engaging way.

Starting from $250

The Expert

Training through video saves time and ensures your employees learn in a consistent and relevant way.  Let’s see how we can work together to train your customers and your employees through videos like this.

Starting from $100

Legacy Video

Businesses have no better storyteller than their founders. Our legacy videos capture the culture of a business that can otherwise be forgotten. Our legacy videos leave a lasting impression.

Starting from $3500

Homes by Drone

Serving Muskoka, Haliburton, Peterborough and the Kawartha Lakes Positive Media is consistently helping realtors sell properties.  These videos are gaining in popularity and they are a great way to say thank you to your home seller.

Starting from $350

The Main Event

Don’t miss an opportunity to have our professional crew get all the right shots at your next event.   Book now, our event videos are worth planning on.

Starting from $450

Flight Time

At Positive Media we consider drones to be tools, not toys.   If your production requires this added vantage point or if you would like some aerial video on it’s own give us a call.

Starting from $75/hr

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