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Websites that work for you.

You work hard molding your business to meet the needs and wants of your customer, your website should do the same.  Effectively communicate exactly what you want your customer to know.

Great Design, Built on a Trusted Platform

We specialize in great website design built on the most trusted and versatile web platform. Our 10 years of WordPress experience will go to work for you. Since we’re designer’s first, your business will look it’s best.


Current Designs

Our mobile friendly designs are based on current design trends, to show your business at it’s best.


Wordpress Platform

WordPress is rock solid website technology and allows for complete custom design and functionality.

Our Work

See how these businesses are putting their new website to work from them.

Managed Hosting

It’s much more than just powering your website live on the internet. Our WordPress specific, managed hosting solution maintains industry standard security, backups and updates. This is proven to be the only way to keep your website technology as functional and “healthy” as it is the day it goes live.

Technical Updates

Regular WordPress, Theme and plugin updates keep your site working just as well as it did the day it went live.


On-Call Support

You have questions? We have answers; a real human who knows exactly how your website works.

Hacker-free Security

Stay ahead of hackers, bots and malware with WordPress security. If something goes wrong – we fix it.


SSL Certificates

Get the lock on your user’s browsers. Every site includes a secure connection with an SSL Certificate.


A few most common questions.
What do you mean by "current designs"?

Current website designs are leaning towards long format pages providing more informtaion on scroll, instead of little bits of information on numerous pages. Other important features are large text with strong brand messaging and plenty of imagery. These techniques read well on all devices and give the web user a best overall experience.

Why does the hosting cost more than my current hosting?

When comparing our hosting to many larger hosting companies you will see a price difference.  The difference is that when you pay for hosting to a larger company you are only paying for your website to be live on the internet.  We provide that too, but the additional cost is for managing the website’s technical needs.  Performing updates, managing back ups, and if something were to go wrong – we fix it and get it back up.  These are all services you would have to pay seperately to a developer on a case by case basis. These costs would far exceed the additional cost included in our Annual Managed Hosting cost.  Plus, we throw in minor text updates for free!

Does the managed hosting include text updates?
Yes! Having to learn a new website system to complete minor updates to a website can be the last chore for a business owner, but the first thing your potential new customer will (or won’t) see online.  We value every website we create and want to keep it fresh and up to date for every visitor – that’s why we include all *minor updates with our hosting package.  Things like updating hours, revising contact information or updating a mission statement are all included with our managed hosting service.  Just send Jen a quick email, and your web update is taken care of. *Major updates and new media billed seperately.
What about email?
We do not provide email services. There are great options for email and we will point you in the right direction considering your business’ needs.  Our favourite option for small to medium businesses is G-Suite by Google.
What about domain registration?
If you have login access to your domain registration you can keep it where it is.  If you do not have access to your domain registration, we will help you find it.  If you don’t have a domain yet, we will help you get one and keep track of your credentials in case you forget.
What about my old website?
When you start a web project with us, your current website will continue to be live until your new website is ready to go.  We set up a private “development link” where we completely create your new website online.  Once you are satisfied with your brand new look, we will remove the old site, and replace with the new website.

Meet the
Web Guru

Jen is the web guru on the Positive Media team and has been working on WordPress websites for over 10 years. Get in touch to find out if our websites are a good fit for your business.

JEN Web + Design | 705.854.1010

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